Erotic Bull and Hotwife stories – Cuckolding and S&M

To find out what really goes on when a husband and wife decide to invite a younger guy in for some play, you don’t need to read between the lines. You just need to glimpse over our bull and hotwife stories. We have many site articles and blog entries about cuckolding sex on our site. These written materials are both entertaining and informative and give an honest perspective of how this fetish affects your sexual live.

The Bull and Hotwife stories on our site can be divided into two categories – erotic fiction and real life encounters. This means that some of the blog entries are like a dairy giving a true account of a husband and wives sexual encounters. Then you also get the posts that are entirely fictional and that provide our members with a great source of erotica. Our site articles about cuckold couples are more informative and will explain this lifestyle in more details.

the hottest sexy wife Our material is written by swinging couples who live this lifestyle. If you don't know anything about cuckold sex then this is the ideal why for you to learn. This wide collection of sexy erotic stories featuring cuckold couples, bulls and hotwives covers all the aspects of this lifestyle. A lot of our members who don’t have any desires to get involved in this lifestyle still like to read our articles and blogs just to satisfy their curiosity.

You will learn more about fetishes, palyamory, masochism, bukkake, S&M games, voyeurism, exhibitionism, humiliation, dominance, submission and jealousy when you relax with Hotwife and Bull Story. As you can see our reading material is very comprehensive and no matter what role player you are in cuckolding sex you will find it intriguing. Not to mention that you will learn a few bedroom tricks that you can try out on your partner.

It is not just male-female couples that take part in cuckold sex and you can read real life encounters submitted by lesbians, gays, transsexuals and cross-dressers. Some of our Bull and Hotwife stories are about the bifem cuckold, that is when a wife has sex with another woman. Sounds like a threesome that most husband dream off? Read the story and you’ll see that it is different.

We encourage all of our members to contribute to our collection by submitting their own accounts of cuckold sex. You can even dedicate an entire blog to this fetish and link to your blog from your profile. By promoting what sexual acts you are into you will also attract new sex contacts who will contact you after they have read your fiction or true account. You can tell readers about your first time, jealousy issues, how you got started with this lifestyle or how it is similar to dogging and swinging.